Here’s a quick run down for those who’ve not been in one of our Executive Presence programs, and those who want a refresher.

It comes from the Predator, Prey, Partner® model.

Our Predator, Prey, Partner® model identifies the non-verbal behaviors that combine to create controlling, cajoling, or compelling styles of presence. Our model differentiates between traditional executive presence styles and the New Executive Presence (aka “Partner”).

Partner is the most effective style of executive presence because it gets results and strengthens relationships. In fact, Partner most often gets superior results through relationships.

Partner invites others to step away from Predator and Prey’s tension-filled fight or flight dynamic. It blends high competence with high approachability for the presence of a leader others choose to follow.

It’s created by a combination of non verbal skills.

You likely already use some of the skills, or behaviors, that create a Partner style of Executive Presence. But some of your other behaviors may be undermining you. That’s what we do in coaching — help you identify the behaviors that aren’t effective, and replacing them with more effective behaviors. You need to use a combination of Partner skills consistently at least 60 – 80% of the time to create your own version of Partner style presence.

It works over time.

Partner presence works over time., with a consistent unspoken message of “I know what I’m doing and you’re in good hands with me”. When you begin to show up as Partner with someone who already knows you, it takes 3 to 5 interactions to shift their perception of you. With someone who meets you for the first time, they take you at face value, making it extremely powerful in new situations.