Quick rule of thumb for our coaching programs: “Wear good deodorant.”  It’s funny because it’s true.

There can be some intensity in a PKL program because you’re working very hard. You may feel awkward. You’d expect nothing different if you were, say, taking a clinic to improve your tennis game.

And there are “Aha” moments, too. Those come from 1) watching others be coached and 2) watching yourself on video. That last bit isn’t everyone’s favorite thing to do (again, with the deodorant!). But the value of watching your video can’t be overstated.

Here’s a video on how to watch your coaching video.

Expect to:

  • be stretched
  • have fun
  • get personalized feedback from the coach
  • learn to show up as your “best self” no matter the circumstances
  • witness the power others gain from making subtle behavioral changes
  • try on different behaviors, decide which to keep, which to toss
  • be video recorded multiple times (video remains private to you)
  • walk away with the 3 key behaviors that will take you to the next level.

PKL coaching is for people who already show up well. Were you asked to take one of our programs, or was it recommended to you? Good for you! That means you’re seen as someone who already shows up well and is worth investing in. This isn’t about “fixing” anyone, and it’s not for the “problem child”. It’s about coaching each person to re-discover their most effective leadership self.

Plan to participate.  This is coaching, not training. You can usually be a passive observer in a training class. Not so with coaching. The sole exception: interactive presentation programs with large numbers of people. In programs with 20 or fewer people, expect to be personally coached at some point. (Resistance is futile.)

Tech Note for Virtual Programs: As of this writing, we’re using Zoom. It has specific features needed for our programs. That may change.