Our model differentiates between traditional executive presence styles and the New Executive Presence.

Our Predator, Prey, Partner® model identifies the non-verbal behaviors that combine to create controlling, cajoling, or compelling styles of presence.

Watch the 3 minute video below of Predator, Prey, and Partner virtual presence. Scroll to the bottom for a 12 minute video of in-person presence.

We call the “command and control” leadership style “Predator”. It’s the old school approach.

  • Predator gets results — but the cost is willing cooperation, inclusivity, and morale.
  • In 360 reviews, Predator gets feedback such as “You’ve got sharp elbows” or “You come across as aggressive / demanding / not a team player.”
  • Predator style people often top out in the organization, because others don’t enjoy working with them. In come cases, they’re resented so much, others actively undermine them.

The flip side is the “cajole to control” style. We call it “Prey.” It’s the “don’t want to piss you off” approach.

  • Prey focuses on relationships — but sacrifices perceived competence in the process.
  • In 360 reviews, Prey gets feedback like “you’re just too quiet”, or “we don’t see your leadership potential”.
  • Prey is the “good soldier” but not “officer material.” Ever the flight attendant, never the pilot, Prey reads as less competent than they truly are, and rises to senior leadership positions only through exponentially outperforming others and sheer tenacity.

Fortunately, there’s another way. We call it “Partner”. It’s the one you want…and who you truly are.

  • Partner combines the strengths of Predator and Prey, eliminates their weaknesses, and supercharges presence to a whole ‘nother level.
  • Partner gets results AND strengthens relationships.
  • Partner is your authentic best self, without any of the self-defeating behaviors that nearly everyone uses unconsciously.

It’s simple, but deep.

Read more about Partner here.

The model applies to in-person interactions as well as virtual.

Watch the 12 min video below to experience how the model works in person.