Personalized, video-taped coaching in small groups.


In sports, they’re called “pressure players.” In business, they’re the leaders who show up at their best in every situation.

In this one to two day program, leaders learn how to close the gap between their true leadership potential and where they’re currently operating.

COACHING ROI: Leaders know exactly what to do to up their game and they’re motivated to do it. Expect to see immediate results.

Executive Presence Coaching

Participant Challenge:
“I want to be sure I’m leading by example.”
“For the last 10 years Pat has provided exceptional Executive Presence Leadership
to hundreds of executives at Covidien, now Medtronic. She is great at what she does
and we consider her an important part of the team.”
— Scott Herring, VP & General Manager, US

Participant Challenge:
“I can come across as blunt when I’m focused on results.”


10 – 12 working with 2 coaches, from all levels of management who are ready, open, and willing.


  • Develop command presence with relaxed confidence
  • Close the gap around Executive Maturity
  • Learn how to distill the message and bottom-line information
  • Eliminate behavior patterns that undermine credibility
  • Command greater levels of respect
  • Establish credibility and build rapport
  • Project calm, confidence, and focus under pressure
  • Increase potential to move to the next level


The day of transformational results begins with an overview of how non-verbal behaviors communicate power and status.Through multiple videotaped coaching sessions, each participant finds the specific combination of subtle behaviors that conveys their own brand of executive presence.

We coach in small groups because people learn faster by observing others.

Our coaching is relentless! Everyone is engaged in being coached and providing observations. 10% content, 90% coaching

  • Current level assessment
  • Candid feedback from coach
  • Multiple videotaping sessions
  • Peer observations
  • Coaching tailored to specific presence challenges
  • Advanced exercises to meet individual needs

 Participant Challenge:
“To influence decisions, I need to learn to distill my message.”

 Participant Challenge:
“I have trouble standing up to senior leadership when there’s a difference of opinion.”

Intro PPP Model

Assessment – Benchmark (Videotaped)


Exercise – High Pressure Stretch (Videotaped)

Practice – Business Scenario (Videotaped)

Personalized Action Plans



Exercise – The Status Game

Identify Influence Challenges

Individual Coaching on Influence Challenges (Videotaped)


Continue Individual Coaching on Influence Challenges (Videotaped)

Group Coaching on Shared Influence Challenges (Videotaped)

Personalized Action Plans


RESULTS: From Ineffectual to Influential

“Kyle,” an engineering manager in an innovative company, had a pattern of dealing with senior leaders in a deferential manner that decreased his ability to influence them. We coached him to be more confident and comfortable with authority figures.

Six weeks after our program, Kyle attended a global summit of C-Suite people. A sensitive issue had come up involving a regulatory agency that could torpedo a new product line. It needed attention from the CTO, whom he had never met. Kyle was next to the CTO at dinner. In the past, Kyle would have said “I don’t want to disturb your dinner. I’ll contact your admin person and find a time we can talk.”

But instead of his typical MO, he confidently dove into the conversation with the CTO, addressed the sensitive subject, and was able to advise him on the appropriate action.

RESULT: After the conference, the CTO called the GM of Kyle’s division and said: “Your guy has terrific command of the subject area and a great way about him!”

Based on a true story.