EXECUTIVE PRESENCE: Small Group Coaching Program

1 DAY PROGRAM – Personalized, video recorded coaching in small groups.


Designed for individual coaching in groups of 6, the one-day Executive Presence program focuses on the non-verbal language of executive presence. This intensive one-day coaching experience supports leaders to be powerful and decisive, communicate with impact, become more accessible and approachable, and remain confident in even the most challenging situations.


COACHING ROI: Learn exactly what to do to up your game and be motivated to do it. Expect to see immediate results.

Our coaching is relentless! Everyone is engaged in being coached and providing observations. 10% content, 90% coaching

Participant Challenge:
“I need to lead with power and presence in conference calls”  


Six working with one coach, from all levels of management who are ready, open, and willing.


  • Develop command presence with relaxed confidence
  • Close the gap around Executive Maturity
  • Learn how to distill the message and bottom-line information
  • Eliminate behavior patterns that undermine credibility
  • Command greater levels of respect
  • Establish credibility and build rapport
  • Communicate up to shape & influence business decisions
  • Project calm, confidence, and focus under pressure
  • Increase potential to move to the next level
  • Handle high-stakes customer issues
  • Effective executive selling
  • Let us know what you’d like!



Executive Presence: Small Group Coaching Program incorporates new features based on feedback from past participants.  It includes an in-class manual as well as post-program online access to PKL-produced videos for additional learning, reinforcement, and retention. Videos cover foundational skills and behaviors as well as key Executive Presence competencies such as positive interaction with senior leaders, leading conference calls and meetings effectively, and delivering an action plan.

Participant Challenge:“My engineering group has to work more effectively with product management.”

 Participant Challenge:
“I want to knock it out of the park at the quarterly review.”

Introduce the Predator / Prey / Partner Model ™

Assessment – Benchmark (Videotaped)

LUNCH – individuals review their own videos

Practice – Business Scenario (Videotaped)

Personalized Action Plans


She’s got possibilities

RESULTS: Revealing a True Rock Star

On paper, “Miranda” was a rock star. Her VP wanted to promote her. But he said he couldn’t — because she wasn’t seen as having “It”. He said: “You need to come across with more authority, show you can handle pressure, and own the room.” He could describe “It” in general terms, but couldn’t spell out what she needed to do to close the gap in perception. Working harder wasn’t the answer. Miranda already did that.

Two months after coaching, Miranda presented to the Senior Leadership team and 1000 top customers. She knocked it out of the park! The executive team saw that she would be unflappable if challenged, that she could be commanding and bold.


Within a month, Miranda was promoted to Senior Marketing Manager.

Based on a true story.

She’s got “It”