Personalized, video recorded coaching in small groups.


Address your organization’s unique needs as your leaders increase their executive presence. Participants not only learn how to close the gap between their true leadership potential and where they’re operating now, they also learn how to apply those skills to specific situations.

COACHING ROI: Leaders know exactly what to do to up their game and they’re motivated to do it. Expect to see immediate results.

Participant Challenge:
“With a change in ownership, I want to take the opportunity to positively influence the corporate culture.”
“… the coaching was personal rather than following some kind of standard program. The working sessions … were both informal and non-threatening. The final result? I actually enjoyed giving my presentation, and I got rave reviews!”
– Yorgen Edholm, President & co-founder, Brio Technology

Participant Challenge:
“I need to lead with power and presence in conference calls with my international team.”


10 – 12 working with 2 coaches, from all levels of management who are ready, open, and willing.


  • Create / refresh / shift company culture
  • Influence senior leadership
  • Work effectively cross-functionally within the organization
  • Prepare for quarterly business review
  • Polish a group of leaders over the course of a year for the next level of leadership
  • Handle high-stakes customer issues
  • Effective executive selling
  • Let us know what you’d like!


Transformational results begin the first day with an overview of how non-verbal behaviors communicate power and status. Through multiple videotaped coaching sessions, each participant finds the specific combination of subtle behaviors that conveys their own brand of executive presence.

We coach in small groups because people learn faster by observing others.

Our coaching is relentless! Everyone is engaged in being coached and providing observations. 10% content, 90% coaching

  • Current level assessment
  • Individualized coaching
  • Multiple videotaping sessions
  • Peer observations
  • Coaching tailored to specific presence challenges
  • Advanced exercises to meet individual needs

 Participant Challenge:
“My engineering group has to work more effectively with product management.”

 Participant Challenge:
“I want to knock it out of the park at the quarterly review.”

Intro PPP Model

Assessment – Benchmark (Videotaped)


Exercise – High Pressure Stretch (Videotaped)

Practice – Business Scenario (Videotaped)

Personalized Action Plans

AGENDA: DAY TWO (of 2 day program)


Exercise – The Status Game

Identify Influence Challenges

Individual Coaching on Influence Challenges (videotaped)


Continue Individual Coaching on Influence Challenges (videotaped)

Group Coaching on Shared Influence Challenges (Videotaped)

Personalized Action Plans


RESULTS: Turning A Rival Around

“Raj” was a candidate to be General Manager of his division. Raj consistently came across as competent, yet arrogant and aloof. Because of his personality, he locked horns with a peer who was blocking him from the promotion he wanted.

After intense coaching to shift him from aloof to approachable, he used his new skills with his rival. One day, what would normally have been a tense 45 minute meeting became a relaxed, collaborative 2 hour session from which they emerged as allies.

RESULT: Raj got the job.

Based on a true story.