Public Offering: Executive Presence

Nov 1, 2016 / Bellevue, WA

Personalized Coaching -- Coach/Participant Ratio 1:6 -- 10% Content, 90% Coaching -- $1750

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In this one day program, participants learn how to close the
gap between their true leadership potential and where they’re currently operating.

COACHING ROI: Learn exactly what to do to up your game and be motivated to do it. Expect to see immediate results!


The day of transformational results begins with an overview of how non-verbal behaviors communicate power and status. Through multiple video recorded sessions, you’ll find the specific combination of subtle behaviors that conveys your authentic brand of executive presence. Observing others in your group accelerates your learning.


  • Develop command presence with relaxed confidence
  • Close the gap around Executive Maturity
  • Learn how to distill the message and bottom-line information
  • Eliminate behavior patterns that undermine credibility
  • Command greater levels of respect
  • Establish credibility and build rapport
  • Communicate up to shape & influence business decisions
  • Project calm, confidence, and focus under pressure
  • Increase potential to move to the next level


Intro to the Partner | Predator/Prey (TM) Model
Assessment – Benchmark (video recorded)
Exercise – High Pressure Stretch (video recorded)
Practice – Business Scenario (video recorded)

Public Offering: Bellevue, WA — November 1, 2016 — $1750

  • Current level assessment
  • Individualized coaching
  • Multiple videotaping sessions
  • Peer observations
  • Coaching tailored to specific presence challenges
  • Advanced exercises to meet individual needs
Full length portrait of a confident African American female executive. Vertical shot. Isolated on white.

RESULTS: Revealing a True Rock Star

On paper, “Miranda” was a rock star. Her VP wanted to promote her. But he said he couldn’t — because she wasn’t seen as having “It”. He said: “You need to come across with more authority, show you can handle pressure, and own the room.” He could describe “It” in general terms, but couldn’t spell out what she needed to do to close the gap in perception. Working harder wasn’t the answer. Miranda already did that.

Two months after coaching, Miranda presented to the Senior Leadership team and 1000 top customers. She knocked it out of the park! The executive team saw that she would be unflappable if challenged, that she could be commanding and bold.

Portrait of a African American businesswoman with her hands on her hips. Horizontal shot. Isolated on white.