Power & Presence

Large Group Intro Program


Presence is often referred to as the “It” factor — that elusive quality that establishes your credibility, and therefore your ability to successfully lead others, inspire confidence, and develop your career.


This is an ideal introduction to the fundamentals of Leadership Presence for larger groups, including Women’s and other Employee Resource Groups. This one-day, interactive program makes unmistakably visible, in a fun way, the changes required to show up like a leader.

More ambitious participants typically want to progress on to our small group coaching program, Leadership Presence.

PARTICIPANT LEVEL:  Individual Contributors, High Potentials, Managers

The “IT” Factor:

A full day of information, interaction & examples in a large group that includes:
• Introduction to the Predator, Prey, Partner Model™
• How to send positive messages about personal power & presence in the first 30 seconds of every interaction
• Practice & receive peer feedback in a large group environment

Session Options

One Day, often combined with Leadership Presence sessions in our Year Long program

Group Size

Up to 30 participants.

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Expect to:

Be stretched, but not break • Discover strengths you didn’t know you had • Become aware of when you are in or out of your power • Access the potential of your authentic self • Recognize options you hadn’t seen • Have fun outside your comfort zone
Gain confidence in being yourself.