The Predator, Prey, Partner Model™

We believe there is an unconscious power struggle that underlies many relationship problems.

We also believe there is another, more evolved way to resolve power issues and
form partnerships with almost anyone, anywhere, anytime.

The Predator, Prey, Partner Model™, developed by Pat Kirkland, is based on a biological truth: 

Humans cannot survive alone.

Human evolution has provided us with a choice of two roles to take when dealing with pressure, stress or threat: Predator or Prey.
Both Predator and Prey create an unequal power dynamic in relationships. We offer a third, more evolved choice: Partner

Predator-like behaviors get results, but damage relationships.

Prey-like behaviors maintain relationships, but sacrifice credibility and results.
Partner-like behaviors strengthen relationships and get results.
Partner behaviors show mutual respect to create a relationship in which power is shared, not used over or against others.
As a leader, your ability to step into Partner will greatly affect the quality of your life with your co-workers, boss, spouse, children and everyone else with whom you interact.
Our programs teach you how to achieve extraordinary results in your life!