Watch Us Work


The day of transformational results begins with an overview of how the non-verbal language of behaviors communicates power and status.

Then, working in a small group, each individual is videotaped so they and the coach can assess how they are coming across within that context.

Through additional videotaped, in-the-moment coaching sessions, each participant finds the specific combination of subtle behaviors that conveys their own brand of executive presence.

Learn about the Predator, Prey, Partner Model™ HERE.

  • Individual coaching in a small group, tailored to each person and their current business challenges
  • Videotaping gives immediate objective feedback
  • Real-time personal coaching catches behaviors in the moment
  • Witness the power gained from making subtle behavioral changes
  • Exercises customized to meet specific needs

How We Work

  • Our coaching is experiential. Through demonstrations and exercises like those seen here, everyone in a small group learns through both individual coaching and observation of others.
  • Brain research suggests that having fun boosts authentic learning and long-term memory.
  • The highest-level executive thinking, making of connections, and “aha” moments are more likely to occur in an atmosphere of “exuberant discovery.” 

Company Benefits

  • Cost-effective process dramatically reduces the expense of personal coaching without losing any effectiveness.
  • Greater numbers of people receive personal coaching in the time it  usually takes for one.
  • Shortened development time for leaders.
  • Sessions scheduled consecutively create additional cost benefits.