Leadership Presence

Foundation Program for Women

If strong, smart women come across as too competent, they may be seen as aggressive. If they come across as unassertive, they may be seen as lacking leadership presence.

This dynamic, experiential, fun program allows women to close the gap in their perceived leadership readiness by recognizing and eliminating behaviors that don’t support them. It shows women how to successfully demonstrate powerful leadership presence and still be themselves.
Foundation Program for Women

An intensive full day of individual coaching that includes:

  • Discussion on the dilemma for women in leadership
  • Current level assessment
  • Predator, Prey, Partner Model™
  • Candid feedback from the coach
  • Videotaping and peer observations
  • Customized exercises to meet individual needs
  • Personalized development plans
Session Length

One Day

Group Size

Up to 12 participants with 1 coach to 5 participants.
Larger sessions can be created on request.

Want it customized ? Call 512-231-1380

Expect to:

Be stretched, but not break • Discover strengths you didn’t know you had • Become aware of when you are in or out of your power • Access the potential of your authentic self • Recognize options you hadn’t seen • Have fun outside your comfort zone
Gain confidence in being yourself.