2020 September


What happens when you’re willing to give up who think you are … for who you can be

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I get such joy from coaching people who readily “take the leap” to strengthen their Leadership Presence.

This is a love letter to those people.

You’re the people ready to learn new things, open to feedback and willing to try out new behaviors. Internally, we call you ”R.O.W.” — Ready, Open, and Willing.

You’re willing to find out what’s not working for you and replace those behaviors with what brings out your best.

For example, you’ll replace an expressionless face for a soft smile, or an upspeak habit with a warm downward inflection. 

You’ll take the leap even when the new behavior feels awkward, or hard to do. You choose whether to keep it after you watch your video to see how it affects your presence.

And hey, Spoiler Alert: You’re the people who have the most powerful breakthroughs in the program and sky-rocket in your careers and life afterward!

Be willing to be bad in the beginning. Be willing to be uncomfortable.

So…what happens when you’re willing to give up who you think you are for who you can be?

You go further, faster. And fly higher.