2015 November

7 Tips for Your Upcoming Presentation

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Just as the most accomplished athletes continue to work on fundamentals, even the most seasoned executives refresh themselves on the basics when they have an important presentation coming up.

Here are our 7 best tips and reminders for creating and delivering a bang-up presentation:

      1. Choose your energy. Don’t let nerves cause you to lose yourself. ACTION: Show up as if you are in a great mood!
      2. Under pressure, people tend to go more formal. Being more informal makes you look more confident. ACTION: Use casual, relaxed movements, postures, and language.
      3. Simplify your message.  ACTION: Focus on no more than 3 key ideas.
      4. Know what the bottom line is for your presentation. What do they really want to know from you? ACTION: Be able to say it in less than 10 words….seriously, less than 10 words!
      5. Chunk your information – think bullet points, not paragraphs.  ACTION: Ruthlessly edit details. Check your desire to be thorough.  Speak in sound bites, not sentences.
      6. Analogies, stories or examples to spark your audience’s attention – make it natural, not contrived. Example: “As I’m walking up to the front of the room, my biggest concern is falling off these heels. (Pause) Safety is what we’re talking about today.” ACTION:  Practice with a friendly listener so your opening  comes across as natural, not contrived.
      7. Organize your content around your 3 key ideas.  ACTION: Get help organizing content. Refer to Kevin Carroll’s ‘diamond format,” outlined in his book Make Your Point.



The diamond format from Kevin Carroll’s book “Make Your Point” is a great way to organize your content.

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